SilverLakes approved paint colors. (Universal Color Chart)


The attached color chart is for all of Silverlakes EXCEPT Misty Bay & Misty Harbor sub-communities. 

Silverlakes residents have the ability to choose from the attached Universal color chart. Submit a modification form by logging into your resident portal. A fillable form will be available to you. 

When submitting your form you must indicate whether you will be choosing the normal fascia/door option or if you have chosen the alternate options available. 

Follow this link and be taken to Sherwin Williams website and sample the scheme you have chosen on your home.


Your application description of work should be written as follows

** Paint house SL #   Body Color (SWxxxx ) Band Color : (SWxxxx) Fascia & Doors (SWxxxx)


Failure to fill out the modification form completely may result in a delay in processing your request.


Misty Bay and Misty Harbor may not use the attached color charts for their homes. See help desk for approved Misty Bay and Misty Harbor approved colors.

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