Pembroke Pines Recycling Transition




Recycling Transition
Current Recycling Process through January 1, 2022

Now, through January 1, 2022, all waste and recycling programs shall remain as it currently is,
and recyclable material will continue to be sent by Waste Pro to the Reuter Recycling Center.
As a result, the City of Pembroke Pines continues to ask residents to source separate their
materials between their garbage and recycling carts through January 1, 2022.


Transition to the Waste-to-Energy Recycling Process

Beginning January 2, 2022, all residential trash and recycling materials collected from single-family residences by Waste Pro will be sent to the Wheelabrator South Broward Waste-to-energy facility located on SR7/441 where it will be converted into electricity by incineration.
By Florida statute, the incineration of refuse materials to make energy is considered recycling.
This transition is the result of changes in the global recycling market and contamination issues.
In the global arena, the U.S. no longer can sell recycling to China. Costs have risen three times
from what they were when recycling began due to low, and in some cases, no demand in the
global marketplace for materials such as glass and plastics #3 through #7, combined with the low
value of mixed paper and high rates of contamination. If the recycling is contaminated with
waste, the contaminated recyclables end up in landfills. It is estimated that between 10% and
40% of the recyclable materials collected in Pembroke Pines are contaminated, making them
non-recyclable. As this is the case for many cities, incineration has become the best practice.

About the Wheelabrator South Broward Waste-to-Energy Plant

Waste-to-Energy facilities divert waste from landfills, recycle metals and safely convert post-recycled waste from communities into renewable energy to power homes and businesses,
offsetting the need for fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gasses.
At the Wheelabrator South Broward Waste-to-Energy plant, waste volumes are reduced by 90%
and ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated from the materials that are brought to the
facility and are recycled back into the marketplace to create new products. The facility uses as
much as 2,250 tons of everyday household and business waste each day that is incinerated into
fuel to create a local-energy ecosystem that generates clean, reliable, and renewable energy that
can produce as much as 66 megawatts of electricity used to power over 38,000 homes in
Broward County, as well as the Wheelabrator South Broward Waste-to-Energy plant’s own
operations. In one year alone, the Wheelabrator South Broward Waste-to-Energy plant:

blobid1.png Processed 835,738 Tons of Waste
blobid1.png Recovered 14,682 Tons of Metals
        blobid1.png Saved 915,947 Barrels of Oil for Power
       blobid1.png Saved 275,655 Tons of Coal for Power


By co-mingling both waste and recycling removal, incinerating to convert into energy, there will
be a cost-savings and it will be a more efficient, less time-consuming way of receiving a
recycling benefits from the city’s garbage and waste. If the City of Pembroke Pines maintained
its recycling process without the co-mingling transition, residents would have experienced an
increase in their solid waste collection of an additional $10 a month and the contamination issues
would continue with no added energy/environmental benefit.

New Recycling Process of Co-mingling Waste & Recyclables effective January 2, 2022

While this more flexible recycling method is not the final solution, the City of Pembroke Pines is
requiring residents to co-mingle both waste and recycling in their existing green garbage carts.
Even though Waste Pro will not be collecting waste and/or recycling from the blue carts, the City
is requesting residents to keep their blue recycling carts for the time being. We are making this
request because we are collaborating with Broward County and other municipalities to determine
the feasibility of opening a government-run recycling facility in Broward County. Should such a
facility open that requires the separation of recyclable materials, the City of Pembroke Pines will
be in a state of readiness to participate as we will still have the blue recycling carts.

What if I Want to Recycle the Old-Fashioned Way?

The City of Pembroke Pines is considering drop-off recycling locations east and west of
Interstate 75 where residents can drop off separated recycled materials that will not be
incinerated. Additional information regarding this option will be available after January 1, 2022.

Additional Information
Please note that these changes to the recycling and waste collection program do not affect
Condominium Residential Units (such as Century Village, Hollybrook, Park Place, Colony
Point, etc.) as these communities can negotiate their own agreements in the open market with
various Waste Haulers. If you are in a Condominium Residential Unit and want more
information regarding your community’s Waste and Recycling Program, please contact your
Homeowner’s Association (HOA).
For more information on the City’s Waste and Recycling Program, including upcoming changes
to the Bulk Waste Collection Program, please visit: or call 954-518-9000.

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