Geese Removal





December 8, 2021


Dear SilverLakes Residents:

We have received many calls and emails of concern and outrage as to the manner in which the geese were removed on December 7th. The Board, Management and Association share your distress as to the method that was utilized and are actively engaged with legal counsel as to available options.

As many of you are aware, the geese population was rapidly increasing and posed serious health concerns. Many homeowners had to clean geese excrement on a daily basis from their patios. Besides the unsanitary issues, the geese could act aggressively causing concern for pets and children.   These concerns were addressed at Board meetings and the decision was reached that based on the health and safety concerns, the geese should be humanely removed. This decision was not taken lightly and the Board was adamant that great care was to be taken. (See portion of Meeting Minutes attached as Exhibit “A”). The Association’s contract with Pest Wildlife Pro required that the vendor remove the birds by legal means in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws and ordinances. Please be assured that SilverLakes is discussing the actions taken by the trapper and will address any deviation from the Association’s contract.

Your Association takes matters of health and safety of our residents seriously, as well as the protection of native wildlife. Your comments and concerns are of the utmost importance as we work to address this unfortunate matter.

Thank you.


SilverLakes Community Association, Inc.


Exhibit “A”


Section from the May 17, 2021 Board of Directors Minutes - Directors Report:


[REDACTED] also brought up the situation with the geese problem in Pelican Cay and the issues they are causing. [REDACTED] expressed how extreme the situation is with the geese defecation, staining sidewalks, driveways, eating flowers. They are extremely aggressive. [REDACTED] received a proposal to remove the geese. As they are imprinted in our community, they need to be removed. Trappers clip their wings and relocate them to a farm. The cost is $6,500 to remove 60 geese.


[REDACTED] advised the geese are a wildlife issue for SilverLakes and therefore the cost should be covered by the Master Association. Motion to Approve the removal of Geese in Pelican Cay Motion to approve by [REDACTED]. Second by [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] conducted roll call and the motion passed unanimously.

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