When is bulk pick up for the city of Miramar?


Below are the bulk trash days for Miramar.  Note that these days are subject to change due to holidays etc. Please be sure to contact the City of Miramar to confirm your trash date prior to putting trash out. 


Community # Name Day of the month
24 Coconut Bay 4th Thursday
25 Crystal Sound 4th Thursday
26 Pelican cay 4th Thursday
27 Coconut Shores 4th Thursday
28 Sapphire Sound 4th Thursday
29 Sapphire Park 4th Thursday
30 Sapphire Bay 4th Thursday
31 Sapphire Shores 4th Thursday
32 Sapphire Pointe 4th Thursday
33 Marina Pointe 4th Thursday
34 Pelican Cove 4th Thursday
35 Marina Isles 4th Friday
36 Pelican Isles 4th Friday
37 Pelican Sound 4th Friday
38 Marina Sound 4th Friday
39 Grande Cay 4th Thursday


Website: https://www.miramarfl.gov/401/Bulk-Collection 

You have the ability to search your property address pick up the schedule on their website. Look for the section of the page that looks like this 





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