Virtual Fine Hearing Meeting - Resident Disclaimer



You may have received a Fine Hearing Notice to attend a meeting to discuss your open violation(s). 

If you wish to attend a hearing before the SilverLakes Community Enforcement Committee via web/phone conference. 


Please email, with the attached disclaimer. Once the disclaimer is received you will be provided with call-in instructions. Be aware that your failure to attend shall not preclude the hearing from being held. Late submissions cannot be accepted and you will need to contact your property manager for information on what the next steps will be. 


If you have any questions regarding the Fine Hearing, please contact our office. If you have already complied with the violation then you are not required to attend the Fine Hearing. You must log in to your resident portal to check the current status of your violation. If your violation is not closed you will still be required to attend the Hearing. 

If you have brought the violation into compliance and feel the violation remains open in error. Please contact your property manager immediately. 


Who is my property manager, and how do I contact them? 

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