Why did I receive a collection letter?


Receiving a collection letter can be worrisome. Especially when you have already made your payments.

Collection letters are sent to all accounts that are delinquent 45 days. This is the final attempt to collect any outstanding monies owed to the community before the file is forwarded to legal for process.

Collection fees can not be waived as a courtesy. Once the file is in collections you must bring it current. Once your account is made current it will be removed from collections.

If you have already made your payment. You can submit your proof of timely payment. Accounting@Pinespropertymanagement.com or Angie@pinespropertymanagement.com

Please allow time for your documents to be reviewed by the accounting department.

What should I provide as proof of payment?

Some examples are as follows:

* Back and front of cashed checks.

* Confirmation numbers provided for online payments.

* Bill Pay: If you used your online banking application to make your payment, please note that that this is not a wire transfer. This method of payment  involves your bank sending the payment processing center a physical check. You can log on where you made your payment and view the check information.




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