Why did I receive a collection letter?



You may have received a collection letter 

If you believe that this is an error please reply to Accounting@Pinespropertymanagement.com via email with one of the following proof of payments. Please note that these are the only acceptable items so that we may research your account further.

  1. Copy of CASHED check image  front and back from your financial institution or your online banking portal
  2. Online payment confirmation number(S)

NOTE: We DO NOT accept banking statements as proof of payment or carbon copies of your check.


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding collections:

What allows the collection fee to be charged?

Refer to Florida Statute 720.3085, 


Why are there no leniencies for collections during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Pines Property Management Inc understands that Covid-19 is causing financial hardships for residents. These difficulties include job loss, reduced income, and illness that may impact your ability to make timely payments. The management company issued many notices to all residents regarding payment assistance options such as payment plans and payment extensions. Failure to contact the management company to advise on your current circumstances and request assistance resulted in your account being forwarded to collections.

Why did I receive a collection letter (Intent to record a claim of lien)

You received a collection letter because your account has been outstanding and all accounts that are 45 days or more past due are subject to the collection charge.


Can my collection fee be waived?

Collections fees cannot be waived unless your payment was processed before the 45th-day deadline.


What if my payment posted the day the account was forwarded to collections?

When collections are added to your account and a payment posts the same day. The collection fee is still due by the date provided on the intent to record a claim of lien letter.


I did not receive my statement, so I forgot to pay.

Failure to receive statements does not relieve any resident of payment and any penalties for untimely payments. Statements are sent out as a courtesy reminder.

Proceeding with the quarterly statement we send a late statement as a final reminder that your account is past due. 


What if I was out of town and could not pay?

We provide many payment options to residents such as online payment, Bill pay, automatic debit, and pay by phone option. If payment was not received the final attempt to collect is made with an intent to record a claim of lien letter. Alternatively, management provides residents with payment plan options and payment extensions for residents needing additional time or who may not be in town. You also have the ability to submit your payment in advance to avoid penalties when travel is expected.


What happens if I just pay my assessment and do not pay the collection costs?

Payments are applied per FL statute and the balance will remain outstanding on the account (s) until they are made current. If the due date of the intent to record a claim of lien expires 

your account may be subject to additional fines and may result in incurring litigation costs and a record of lien on your property.


What if I cannot pay my entire balance (s)

You may enter into a payment plan agreement by emailing accounting@pinespropertymanagement.com 

Payment plan fee $25.00 for 3 months per association. 



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