Encantada Estoppel Procedure


Please see below for our estoppel procedure. Note that our estoppel procedures are within the updated statue.


Download our estoppel request form using the below link: 


Include your request form along with our cover sheet.


Communities Associated: The below associations are the only ones affiliated with the above mentioned property. The association does not require approval for buyer.


Estoppel fees are as follows: Encantada at Pembroke PInes


Business Days: [$250.00 7 days]  [$300.00 5 days] [$350.00 2 days]  

Please note we do not count the date of receipt for processing


Payment method: Your payment MUST be in the form of cashiers check/money order. We DO NOT accept the following: Company check,credit, debit cards or wire transfer. 


Payable: Pines Property Management

Mail to: 6941 SW 196th Avenue Suite #27, Pembroke Pines FL 33332

Failure to follow full procedure will cause delay in receiving estoppel.

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