Association Payment Procedure

Head to our website to access the resident portal. . (The portal has recently changed you should have received an email regarding these changes and sign-up instructions) 

You will be redirected to the resident portal from the PPM website.
Once logged in your landing page should look like the below note the community name on the left. This is the community you are currently working out of. 
NOTE: Dual association properties please read the below before submitting your payment.
Dual association properties must ensure that two separate payments are made to their corresponding associations. 

See above for reference on how to toggle between communities when making a payment for each association.
Once your payment is submitted, it is final and can not be transferred.  Before processing it is the responsibility of the resident to verify all information is correct. 

Any credit amounts that may reflect on the account will be applied to the commencing quarter.  Any outstanding amounts owed on any account(s) must be paid to avoid any additional fees being assessed. 
You may choose to make a one-time payment or to set up a new auto-pay
If you are choosing to set up auto-pay continue below :
Create new Auto Pay
Choose your amount 
Select the appropriate information
Select the appropriate payment method and then confirm your details and you have completed auto pay.
Revised on 03.21.24
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