Chickee Huts, TIki Huts and Gazebos


No chickee hut, tiki hut, and/or gazebo shall be installed without prior approval of the modification committee. All chickee huts, tiki huts and gazebos must be installed in the rear of the property. The maximum height from the ground to the parallel beam must not be more than (8') eight feet in height, and the pitch of the roof must not exceed (12') twelve feet in height and the overall room size must not exceed (100) one hundred square feet. Prior approval by the modification committee is required.

A maximum of (1) one of the following is allowed on property; Chickee hut, tiki hut or gazebo.

The outside edge of any chickee hut, tiki hut or gazebo must be a minimum of (5') five feet from the rear property line on non-waterfront lots or lots not abutting the (25') twenty-five foot landscape buffer. Chickee huts, tiki huts or gazebos installed on waterfront lots can extend up to the (20') twenty foot lake maintenance easement. Lots abutting the (25') twenty-five foot landscape buffer may have the chickee hut, tiki hut or gazebo abut the buffer. Chickee huts, tiki huts and gazebos within the side setbackare permitted on zero line properties to within(7') seven feet of the property line, and on traditional lots to within five feet of the property line. Any side yard drainage easements will take precedence over these setbacks.

Gazebo materials used must be either white or bronze aluminum or wood painted white or stained.

Chickee huts and tiki huts may be painted white or stained.


*Trellis' also follow the above guidelines.

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    Nelson Calvo & Dayamis Penalver 60F001

    I am planning to buy a gazebo for my back yard but the return time is 30 days and the commitment can last 45 to take the decision, I can see prototypes, but can  be  no longer available, and other will need to be purchase, please advise 

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