What are set guidelines when planting trees?


LANDSCAPING - GENERAL (Prior approval required)

 No changes and or additions shall be made to a Lots front Landscaping, side landscaping and/or visible rear landscaping without the prior approval of the Modifications Committee.

 In the front elevation of each home, with the exception of the communities of Misty Bay, Misty Harbor and Bermuda Village, there must at all times be a (3) three palm tree, single trunk grouping, which must be of the same variety at all times. (For Example, if the homeowner chooses Royal Palms, then all (3) three trees in the front elevation must be single trunk Royal Palms). A variance to this rule may be provided by the Landscape Committee and Modification Committee when replacing trees that are no longer permitted in your respective City. They must have at least (6’) Six feet of bark at time of planting.

 A list of approved SilverLakes Community trees may be viewed at the Management Office or online; only those trees on the approved list shall be used. The list of approved trees may be amended at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors from time-to-time.

 Planter borders shall be installed, around landscaped areas only, with prior Modification Committee approval. Maximum height of the border is 12”. The color of the border must coordinate with the primary exterior wall color of the home. The Modification Committee in its sole discretion may require the color to be one shade lighter or one shade darker than the primary exterior wall color of the home and/or coordinate with the roof color.

 All plantings must follow a 5’ setback from all property lines, unless otherwise stated within these guidelines.


Acceptable hedge materials; Ixora, Coco Plum, Podacarpus, Green Arboricola, Dwarf Clusia, Suspensum.

 Hedge surrounding the air conditioning unit must be maintained at a (4’) four feet to (5’) five feet height at all times in an “L” shape to conceal the unit from street and neighbor view.

 Hedges must not be planted along any lot line in the front portion of the home or adjoining residence or home. Hedges must follow the same requirements for height and setbacks as fences.


Swale trees must be planted a minimum of (20’) twenty feet apart on center and be a minimum of (6’) six feet tall at time of planting. Corner lots require trees to be a minimum of (25’) twenty-five feet apart on center. If neighbor has existing swale trees you must install your swale tree (20’) twenty feet away from the existing swale tree.

 No Robelini palms, Coconut Palms; Bismarck palms; or any plantings that obstruct visibility or sidewalk access, shall be planted in the swale area.

 Only SINGLE trunk trees or palms from the approved tree list shall be installed in the Swale area, with prior Modification Committee approval.  Many sub-associations within SilverLakes have established additional guidelines for swale trees. These sub-association guidelines must also be adhered to.

 Communities within the City of Miramar can only use Live Oak or Clusia trees in the swale. Palm trees are not permitted.

 All palms and shade trees must be maintained by a certified arborist, according to ANSI specifications.


Tree Trimming

  1. Trees shall be pruned every two years. 
  2. All trees must be pruned according to Broward County Tree Trimming Guidelines
  3. All Tree Trimming Companies must hold a Broward County Tree Trimming License.
  4. For detailed information please refer to www.broward.org – Search Proper Tree Trimming


Palm Tree Trimming

  1. Palms shall be pruned once a year.
  2. All trees must be pruned according to Broward County Tree Trimming Guidelines
  3. All Tree Trimming Companies must hold a Broward County Tree Trimming License
  4. For detailed information please refer to www.broward.org – Search Palm Tree Care


Fruit trees including, but not limited to, Coconut Palms shall only be installed in the rear of the property.  No fruit trees shall be planted in the swale area or the side yard areas and must be a minimum (10’) ten feet setback from any property line.


No plantings shall be done in drainage easements, as indicated on each lot's property survey.

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