How can I get an Encantada Access Device?


Encantada Decal Instructions

In order to provide you and your family easy access to your community, you may obtain a vehicle decal for each vehicle registered to your property. (Each property is also provided the option to purchase 1 decal for a frequent visitor)  Please follow these simple steps:
1. Vehicle decal installations are done by appointment only. Please contact our office at 954-438-6570 ext 210 to speak to the customer service or email: to make an appointment. 

2. Decals will be the current cost of the decal.  *check with office personnel for current cost. payment can be made by check, money order or credit card (if paying by check or money order, a separate check or money order is required for the processing fee payable to Pines Property Management, Inc).

3. Prior to your appointment: 
* Provide our office with a copy of your closing paperwork (settlement statement, warranty deed or lease agreement.
* Complete and submit the resident information form to the email above. 

4. Please bring to your appointment:  
* a current registration that names any one owner of the property or property address in Encantada
* Valid driver’s license
* Credit Card, check or money order, payable to Encantada and the $4.00 service fee payable to Pines Property Management, Inc (Separate payment not required is paying by credit card).
* Vehicles that will be receiving an access decal MUST be present for decal installation. Decals cannot be mailed. 

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